Biological Faculty of Moscow State University

Getting to the MCCMB'17 venue

The MCCMB'17 venue is located near the "Universitet" ("Университет") metro station. The exit from the station that you need is at the tail of the train (if you go from the city center).

It is about 20 minutes walk to the conference venue from there (see the map) or about 5 minutes by bus (187, 260, 130, 103, 113, 661, 47 or trolleybus 34) to the bus stop "Mendeleevskaya".

See also the Google map

Main points of MCCMB'17:

  • Biological faculty (no. 8): registration, sessions, posters
  • Faculty of Bioengineering and Bioinformatics (no.19): sattelite events
  • Dining Hall: ground floor of the Main Building (no.1)

Moscow State University Campus Map

  1. Main building:
    • Rector's Office
    • Administration
    • Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics
    • Faculty of Geology
    • Faculty of Geography
    • Museum of Earth Sciences
    • Assembly Hall
    • Dining hall (Ground Floor)
    • Cafe (First Floor)
  2. Faculty of Physics
  3. Faculty of Chemistry
  4. Computing Center
  5. Humanitarian Building 1
  6. Humanitarian Building 2, Faculty of Computer Science
  7. Faculty of Sociology
  8. Faculty of Biology, Faculty of Soil Science
  9. Faculty of Foreign Languages, Faculty of Fundamental Medicine
  10. Botanic Garden
  11. Stadiums
  12. Football Stadium
  13. Baseball Stadium
  14. Track and Field Athletics Gymnasium
  15. Gymnasium
  16. Dining hall
  17. Dining hall (closed in Summer)
  18. M.V. Lomonosov Monument
  19. Laboratory Building "B": Faculty of Bioengineering and Bioinformatics
  20. Laboratory of Nonlinear Optics, International Laser Center, Cafe
  21. Research Institute of Mechanics, Dining hall (first floor)
  22. Department of Low Temperature Physics and Superconductivity
  23. Laboratory of High Energy Physics, Laboratory of Magnetism
  24. Dining hall, Cafe
  25. Laboratory Building "A": A.N.Belozersky Institute of Physico-Chemical Biology, Dining hall and Cafe (ground floor)
  26. Trolley & bus stop (trolley 34, buses 57, 67, 103, 130)

The form is available. Early bird registration - before June 10th. more